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Another Important Resupply Mission; We Need Your Help to Keep it Going!

Today, H.L.P. is flying the 3rd and 4th relief mission this week. That will be a total of 10 Citation missions in support of Puerto Rico so far! On today's flight, we bring more water purification systems, 2 generators, chainsaws, and more medical supplies. On the way back we have more angel-flight patient transports back to the mainland. These flights cost HLP approximately $10,000 per round-trip. We've raised about $30,000 USD so far, and that has been boosted to $65,000 with donations from within our own ranks by Jet Test and the Canales Foundation. These flights are making a big impact on the people of Puerto Rico and we need your help in funding us so that we can continue to operate. Our pilots, ground crews, and support staff are 100% volunteer and are NOT compensated! Your donations go directly into buying fuel, crew travel and hotels, and supporting the maintenance requirements of our aircraft.

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