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Utilizing our "industry" contacts and resources, H.L.P. has delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of critical aide including generators, medical supplies, tarps, medicine, clothing, food, water purification systems, and hygienic supplies. The bulk airlift effort relies on the gracious donation of cargo hold space on commercial aircraft, and  Jet Test and Transport - who has operated lessor's and airline customer's freighters (with permission) during aircraft delivery operations. Not only has H.L.P. organized and solicited these flight operations, but also arranged ground logistics, located the physical cargo, and provided funding for aircraft fuel and ground handling operations for loading and unloading freight.


If you or your company wish to contribute to our bulk airlift by providing some extra space on one of your flights (or a dedicated aircraft for one or more loads) please contact Steve Giordano by clicking the contact button below.

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The backbone of our operations is the "Light Lift" fleet. HLP utilizes a fleet of light twin-engine aircraft which belong to the HLP partners and volunteer pilots, including, but not limited to a Cessna 310, 414, Citation 550, Piper Aztec, and Aerostar 600 aircraft  to fly high-impact, light cargo including medicine, water filtration and power generation materials. The light lift group also airlifts passengers that include: doctors, search and rescue teams, aide distribution teams, relief workers, evacuees, ambulatory patients, and journalists. 

If you own a multiengine piston, turboprop, or light jet aircraft, and hold an ATP or at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate with >3,000 hours of flight time; and have interest in joining HLP, please reach out. We are always looking for some good pilots and aircraft. 



The Humanitarian Lift Project has been extremely successful in providing a viable solution for non-profit organizations, and now we are growing. In the near future HLP plans to roll-out the first completely non-profit, dedicated light and medium payload freighter/combi fleet. This means company-owned and maintained aircraft, ready at a moment's notice with our all-volunteer crews, able to support free or partially subsidized, below-cost airlift solutions to established humanitarian groups. 

There are many ways to get involved with this effort, so click below to find out more!

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