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Dedicated Lift Initiative

H.L.P. is on the brink of something big. The reality of a dedicated passenger and cargo aircraft, which can move large amounts of bulk and targeted aide to humanitarian efforts and transport aid-workers or evacuees; at low or no-cost, and the infrastructure to support the operations, is coming to fruition with an attainable and incremental action plan. 

The concept involves incrementally acquiring our own fleet of HLP aircraft, and establishing an Air Carrier Certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration, so that small/mid-sized and larger commercial cargo and passenger aircraft can be safely and efficiently operated in support of various HLP relief operations. These on-demand operations will be conducted by our team of professional and highly experienced VOLUNTEER pilots operating with the training and compliance standards required of a certificated air carrier.

Having dedicated aircraft will allow HLP to operate aircraft specially configured for the type of missions we conduct, rather than making the best of what we currently have available with privately owned and operated aircraft. A dedicated fleet will also ensure readiness at a moment's notice, and a consistent and reliable payload capability, so that we can provide our partner relief organizations the volumetric and weight specifications that they require to operate.

Because acquiring and configuring aircraft, as well as maintaining the required infrastructure, will be an expensive proposition, the scale-up to a dedicated fleet will embrace 3 key components:

1) Shared infrastructure resources: Wherever possible, HLP will utilize support resources of for-profit partner organizations. Jet Test and Transport, currently provides heavy aircraft operations and flight support services for the delivery and off-certificate operations of most heavy commercial aircraft all over the world. Jet Test operations functions like a mini-airline providing pilots, dispatch, maintenance control, planning, permits, and operational logistics for over 200 distinct operations per year; both domestic and international flights. 

2) A for-profit parallel operation: HLP will certify a Part 135 and (if applicable with larger aircraft) a Part 125 operation, where on-demand and contract operations can be marketed, sold, and operated - and then donate a large portion of any profits to HLP to fund fully or partially subsidized non-profit relief operations. 

3) An ARMY of volunteers: Because HLP is run by pilots and aviation professionals, we have the ability to recruit, train, manage, and deploy a de facto "Air Force" of highly experienced volunteers that are ready and willing to operate HLP flights.

The Humanitarian Lift Project is presently fundraising, not only to continue the current operations, but to fund the large scale expansion of the dedicated lift initiative. We have produced informational materials, and have mapped out the entire process so that we can present a detailed overview of how we intend to launch, operate, and scale our organization. If you are interested in learning more or want to be a part of this, please reach out!

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