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Carole is Fighting Cancer, and HLP had the Honor of Transporting her for Treatment

Meet Carole, a 25 year old resident of Puerto Rico who is battling Sarcoma, a form of Cancer. On Thursday afternoon, our Citation arrived in Ponce with a load of medicine, medical supplies, a doctor, a generator, and 1050 water filters. Upon arrival, we met Carole and her family, whom were just airlifted to the Ponce Airport by helicopter to catch a lift with us to the Miami area where she caught a connecting commercial flight to a hospital where she will receive critically important surgery! We employed our 6 passenger seats to transport Carole, her caregiver, and her family from Ponce to Opa Locka. Carole had never been on an airplane prior to Thursday.

She ended up getting the full experience with a Helicopter flight, a private jet, and a commercial airliner all in one day! We heard that she liked the private jet the best! :) Can't blame her there! Get well Carole! We will see you again soon!

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